The Future of Planetwon2
Posted by transistor62 on January 08 2009 14:19:56

Hello Everyone

 This is transistor62. I am the new owner of the domain and I am also hosting the web site as well. I plan on keeping this site alive for everyone to use for a very long time to come. Ben had asked me if I would take over as owner of the domain and web site as he told me that he would not be able to host the site much longer from his location, so I agreed to take over ownership as of DEC, 01 2008. All current admin rights have been left as is for now unless someone proves to be unworthy of the right. Ben, Warfly & I as well as the other admins will be adding more files and links to half-life & mod related things in the near future. Please, if you have any questions or ideas, contact me via pm or e-mail. Take care and GOD bless.