Planetwon2 WIKI
Posted by transistor62 on March 15 2009 16:39:30
Hello everyone. Rguest & I have created a wiki for the planetwon2 community. It is located at Launched privately on 02 March 2009 and publicly on 15 March 2009. This wiki, born from the minds and servers of Won2, will try its best to document every little thing about Half-Life we can find. This is not Wikipedia. Notability is not of great importance here, and there aren't a truckload of rules. We'll just play it by ear and hope it all goes well.

Our first project is a comprehensive list of Modifications. There are hundreds of Half-Life mods, and we'd like to have a page on every one of them. We also hope to have materials on mapping, modeling, modding, and who knows what else. So grab a chair and edit some material! Polish an article, or maybe start a new one. If you don't know how to link or categorize it, that's okay, someone else can later on. The more contributors, the better this wiki will become, and the better the wiki, the more useful it is to you--the contributors.


To prevent bots, unregistered users have to answer CAPTCHA questions. Good, hard to read ones too. If you plan on editing on a semi-regular basis, it'll be waaaay easier to make an account. If you have any suggestions, edit the talk page, or talk to Transistor, the owner of PlanetWon2.