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02/13/2015 12:19
Booyeah :3

01/11/2012 20:43
I'm still dropping by almost every day, but not logging in.

09/04/2011 02:40
I figured out how to ban a bot, but not how to delete a post or thread. Frown

08/30/2011 20:29
... and we're back! again

07/24/2011 15:55
by the way, The wiki data is NOT lost. I have a backup of it. I just can't get the site to talk to the database for some reason. My server here works fine but not on my hosing service.

07/24/2011 15:50
Hello Empyre, I have deleted the spam shouts and you should be able to delete them as well now. It should show up as an edit or delete under the shout.

07/19/2011 19:49
I noticed that BigCog visited the forums today, despite having been banned.

07/18/2011 02:46
BigCog was obviously a spam bot, and I was able to ban it, but I didn't see how to delete its shout box spam.

07/07/2011 19:43
The last time I tried, I couldn't. I'll try again the next time I see a spam bot.

07/07/2011 01:09
Hey Empyre Shock, I have deleted the spam in the forum. I have also looked in your admin settings and you have permission to ban users & edit or delete treads. Let me know if you can't.

The web site move

NewsHello everyone. The web site is no yet at it's new home yet, but I am working on it. I hope to have everything moved really soon. Please be patent. The web site is on my server right at the moment and I only have a dual multilinkppp dialup connection. Take care and GOD bless.

Hey good news!!! I am finally getting broardband fiber connection soon. This means I will be able to start getting things back on line here on a fast connection.

Systems Administrator

The registration system is FIXED

NewsThe registration system has been FIXED and I have turned registration system back on. I had to get root access to the server and figure out what PHP extention was missing and fix it. As you may have noticed as well, the mysql server was down for a while due to a problem with the way it was installed. Hopefully it will stay fixed now. I am sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused. Please let me know if you find any other problems and I will try to fix them.

Planetwon2 WIKI

NewsHello everyone. Rguest & I have created a wiki for the planetwon2 community. It is located at Launched privately on 02 March 2009 and publicly on 15 March 2009. This wiki, born from the minds and servers of Won2, will try its best to document every little thing about Half-Life we can find. This is not Wikipedia. Notability is not of great importance here, and there aren't a truckload of rules. We'll just play it by ear and hope it all goes well.

Our first project is a comprehensive list of Modifications. There are hundreds of Half-Life mods, and we'd like to have a page on every one of them. We also hope to have materials on mapping, modeling, modding, and who knows what else. So grab a chair and edit some material! Polish an article, or maybe start a new one. If you don't know how to link or categorize it, that's okay, someone else can later on. The more contributors, the better this wiki will become, and the better the wiki, the more useful it is to you--the contributors.


To prevent bots, unregistered users have to answer CAPTCHA questions. Good, hard to read ones too. If you plan on editing on a semi-regular basis, it'll be waaaay easier to make an account. If you have any suggestions, edit the talk page, or talk to Transistor, the owner of PlanetWon2.

The Future of Planetwon2


Hello Everyone

 This is transistor62. I am the new owner of the domain and I am also hosting the web site as well. I plan on keeping this site alive for everyone to use for a very long time to come. Ben had asked me if I would take over as owner of the domain and web site as he told me that he would not be able to host the site much longer from his location, so I agreed to take over ownership as of DEC, 01 2008. All current admin rights have been left as is for now unless someone proves to be unworthy of the right. Ben, Warfly & I as well as the other admins will be adding more files and links to half-life & mod related things in the near future. Please, if you have any questions or ideas, contact me via pm or e-mail. Take care and GOD bless.

Sven Coop 4.0 Beta released!


That's right! After about 3 years of waiting Sven Coop 4.0 Beta is out! As usual you can grab it in our download section or

We need you!

NewsWe need everyone's help we can get!

we need tutorials, articles, information on tournaments, downloads and anything else half-life or won2 related.

This website is based on community support, so get to editing and adding!

The revival!!

NewsAs finally takes off with a huge boost in members and interest, many new things are occurring around won2 that has never been given a slight thought. Some members have been talking about playing the battlegrounds mod for the first time on won2. A server can be provided for this, sponsored by This is all a big step for won2, I have a feeling promising results can only come out of this!

Thanks Again to for their advertisement on their site!

CS 1.5: Serverside anticheat


Almost got the detection side of the aimbot working. Just need to increase the number of clicks needed to ban and add some more variables to the traceline so it won't ban willy nilly.

Just started the base code of the wallhack detection. At the moment it is tied in with the aimbot detection using pretty much the same method of traceline but thinking of going a different way.

Still to come:
Speed hack detection
anti-recoil detection

ESP detection.

Anyway I'll keep you updated as I go.

The website


Hey there

As most of you can see, the website is on its way to being complete. There may be some changes in the future such as switching the forum over to phpbb or smf. There may still be lots of revisions within the next month.

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